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Women Popular Kurti Styles

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Indian ethnic wear is a popular form of smart casual attires. These outfits draw inspiration from the traditional dresses worn by women of different states in India. Nowadays, the Indian ethnic wear outfits which are worn on a daily basis have been simplified in appearance and also reflect a blend of the western styles along with the traditional form. This is a major reason why ethnic wear is gaining popularity among most urban Indian women. These outfits are also comfortable and can be easily worn for social gatherings or auspicious occasions. Paired with the right accessories, Indian ethnic wear can look equally fashionable and trendy in its own way.

Kurtis are an Indian version of the tunic style. They resemble a traditional kurti worn over salwar kameez but are shorter in length and the necklines and sleeves are experimented with in different styles. These styles can either be traditional like the Designer Top kurti or a mix of the western tunic style.

Kaftan style kurti: If you’re bored with the traditional A-line cuts of kurtis, a hot trend in recent years that has made its way back into the fashion foray is the Kaftan style. The style looks similar to the bat sleeved western tops; however they have straight baggy sides with no sleeves in particular. Made in kurti length, they can easily be worn with churidaar leggings or skinny jeans. Kaftan style tops are airy. If made of cotton fabric, they can be very comfortable to wear during summers. They are also available in chiffon fabric.

Kurtis without side slits: Traditionally, Designer kurti being a shorter version of the Kurta is made with side slits and is easier for moving around. However, one can also find u-shaped kurtis without slits on the sides that look similar to the western styled tunics. This was also a fashion trend during the 70s when shorter kurtas without slits were worn with Churidaars.

Printed Cotton Kurtis: Have a set of churidaar leggings in a few basic shades like black, off white, green, navy blue, red and mix and match them with colourful printed kurtis during summer. Floral prints, geometric shapes, animal prints are some of the popular styles available as printed cotton kurtis. They are great for summers as they are comfortable to wear during the summer months. Printed cotton kurtis also look attractive and can be paired with a different coloured leggings adding variety to your wardrobe.

Collared Kurtis: Experimenting with different collar styles resembling shirts and shirt dresses, collared kurtis look very smart when worn with Patialas or leggings as well. Collared kurtis are best worn without a dupatta.

Shop online: Online shopping is a popular trend these days. It enables you to choose from a wide variety of clothing styles. You can filter your search by different categories which save a lot of time while shopping.

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