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Have you got a passion for saree fashion?
Guess what? This is the year to try out new saree styles. Many known
fashion designers like RohitBal, Anita Dongre and Manish Malhotra are
focusing on the quintessential fashion item of India: the saree.

Take a look at some of these new saree trends:

1. Saree with a Long Train Pallu
Most designer sarees are now sporting long pallus which resemble a
train. This is the statement piece of the saree. The pallu is so long
that it doesn’t just hit the floor it actually looks like it’s hovering
behind, much like a cape or train. This trend is currently being carried
into bridal saree design.

2. Sarees with Unique Drapes
Be remembered for looking different in a saree that is draped in a
unique way. There are many ways to wear your pallu. Designers like Rahul
Mishra and Amit Aggarwal are focusing on new draping techniques to
showcase their sarees. If you want to be really bold, consider wearing a
high neck blouse on top of your saree!

3. Plain Saree
Yes, believe it or not, plain sarees are a big hit this year. To wear
this classic trend, pair it with a matching or contrasting blouse that
is also heavily adorned. Irrespective of how dull or bright the colors
are, plain sarees carry a formal yet charming look. These are great to
wear to parties and at the office. If you want to spice things up a bit,
consider wearing a metallic blouse with your plain saree.

4. Saree with Fringe
Having fringes can change the character of your saree entirely! Many
Indian fashion designers are adding fringes to the borders of their
sarees, blouses and even on the ends of the pallus. This looks even more
dramatic when they are draped with saree.

5. Jacket style Saree
Wearing a jacket with your saree is another huge trend this year.
Consider wearing an Indo-Western inspired jacket with your saree that is
in a matching color. These jackets may be hip length, cropped, floor
length or even knee length. They look stunning with sarees that are
embroidered, heavily embellished or even plain. This is a good look to
consider if you’re a winter bride.

6. Saree with Ruffles
This 1970s trend is back! Putting ruffles on your saree gives it a
glamorous and bold appearance. Ruffles may also be added to your blouse
sleeves and borders. To achieve a classy look, consider pairing a
ruffled pallu with a collar blouse. This look is excellent to wear to a
wedding reception.

7. Saree with a Kimono
Here’s where a traditional Japanese costume meets Indian fashion. Many
designers have now paired the kimono with a saree. These kimonos may be
short or long with a sleeves and tied at the waist using a sash. This is
another excellent outfit to wear to a reception.

8. Pleatless Sarees
This is perhaps the fanciest saree style for 2018. No pleats means the
saree gets worn faster. This is a chic and eye-catching trend which is
great to sport to an office party.

9. Stylish Pallu with Plain Pleats
In this new saree trend, the pallu is the star while the pleats are
plain. The pallu often has heavy embroidery, foil and other
embellishments on it.

10. Sarees Inspired by Nature
Nature is the source of inspiration for many designers. It’s no wonder
we can see many floral and fauna motifs on the runway this year.

11. Sheer Sarees
Sheer sarees are an elegant and bold style. If you’ve got a fit and
toned body, this is the style to wear! Many sheer tulle and georgette
embroidered sarees are often paired with ponchos, jackets and speciality
blouses. This look is perfect for a reception, engagement or wedding.

Do you want to be a style diva? Consider wearing these eleven new saree trends. Shop for these types of sarees at Heenastyle.

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