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What ancient Romans began to wear as
unisex garb, may be inspired from Greek garments known as Celtic Tunics,
have stormed the modern fashion world where tunics have gained a status
of respect and grace. Derived from the Latin word Tunica is a garment
for the body, usually reaching from the shoulders to a length somewhere
between hips and ankles. Tunic in India or Pakistan means kurta, a
garment worn by women accompanied with leggings, jeggings, salwar or

Its length too may vary from the personal
preference or demand of the fashion trends ranging from knees till
ankle. Present fashion trends have seen tunics more and more in demand
with an innovative cut or shape. They are the preferred choice as they
are the most comfortable to wear, be it home, office or a party. Tunics,
no doubt lend beauty, grace and elegance to its wearer adding to her
charm and style. As they are in vogue, they definitely never fail to
make a fashion statement.

Gorgeous Red Color Georgette Designer Wear Long Readymade KurtisKurtis

Indian fashion designers always make an
endeavour to create something novel and exciting for Indian women which
has a global standing and is appreciated all over the world. Embroidery,
which has been the part of Indian culture since long, can be said of
varied forms and designs acquired, adopted and adapted from the artisans
of not only India but many other countries who left some part of their
culture and tradition behind in the form of these exquisite patterns
created with the help of colourful threads and needles. Embroidery as an
art form is no less than poetry as it enhances the cloth or fabric
where it is embellished creating alluring beauty.

Embroidered Indian Tunics
have carved a niche for themselves as nothing looks more elegant and
graceful than these kurtas adorned with thread work or bead work or
sequin work. Indian Tunics have an unmatched style and chic look and the
moment they are decorated with embroidery they become special and
dressy, ready to showcase how they stand out amongst various attires.

Mesmerizing Blue Color Georgette Designer Wear Long Readymade KurtisKurtis

These tunics look immensely amazing with
different forms of embroidery which transform the looks of an ordinary
looking kurta into a party wear dress that catches immediate attention,
winning many admiring as well as envious glances from those who set
their eyes on them. One important thing while buying an embroidered
tunic is the fabric of the tunic must compliment the form of embroidery
done on it. For example, if it is chiffon tunic, the delicacy of the
cloth must be kept in mind. For this, it is important that one must buy
from where you can trust the designers to take care of small little

Blue Color Georgette Designer Wear Long Readymade KurtisKurtis

Heenastyle is one such name which caters for all your requirements
of buying the best and latest attires at the most competitive prices.
Our variety and colours in tunics is going to surprise you. The more
you look, the more you want as each piece here has been hand crafted
with utmost care to make it an exclusive deal for you. We even
customise our products and our finesse is unmatched.

Visit us and enjoy buying the most beautifully embroidered tunics.

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