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Diwali online shopping in USA

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Diwali season

Diwali is a special moment. First of all, it is a season and not just a day. During this period (Nov 5 – 9, 2018), joyous people their homes with lights and dress up colorfully for the occasion. Besides that, to spread their joy, people distribute sweets and gifts to relatives and friends.

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Diwali shopping

As a result of the Diwali season, most of us have started shopping. Agree, dresses, salwar, sarees, choli, kurtis, jewelry,  the major share of one’s shopping. Further more, the practice of gifting has given shopping a different meaning altogether. Similarly, the corporates have joined the fun by gifting bonuses during Diwali season. So, the question. Where do I get the best bargain?

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Why online shopping

A recent report suggests that Indian consumers most often choose US online stores for buying Indian items, fashion apparels, beauty products, cosmetics, and toys from heenastyle online stores. The report also states that better quality of products and the available offers are the key motivators for Indian shoppers at the heenastyle online stores.

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Diwali and the US shopping season

Thankfully, this year, the Diwali season blends with the heenastyle shopping season starting from Halloween’s (October 31). Above all, the season is interspersed with Thanks giving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday and extends up to Christmas. Consequently, shoppers get a windfall during this time. Almost all online retailers offer discounts on apparels, during this time. So, join the fun and get the best deals for this Diwali at the heenastyle online stores.

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