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Art of rajasthani Leheriya Saree

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Women is considered as Gods most unique creation .It is rightly said that _”NOTHING MAKES A WOMAN LOOK MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN A SAREE, Specially Colorful Leheriya Saree “. Lehariya is not only a form of clothing rather it is an era in itself, its design, form, draping style not only depicts a person’s sense of style, area to which she belongs but also revels about the climatic conditions of the specific region. One such form of Saree is Rajasthan’s LEHARIYA.

Lehariya form of Saree is characterized by wave’s pattern made of Traditional Dyes. Leheriya is the traditional form of tie – dye clothing which is been practiced in Rajasthan. It is considered that wearing Lehariya holds Great importance of women as it not only brings in good luck and Blessings but also marks the onset of Monsoon._

Saree is Rajasthan's LEHARIYA

The famous Leheriya (zigzag pattern of irregular color stripes) pattern on Leheriya Saree/Sari is a visual invocation of the flow of water as the word leheriya is derived from the Hindi word ‘leliai’; meaning ‘wave’ and this pattern attract the eyes instinctively

Extraordinary talent allows the craftsmen to create multi-coloured stripes after the first dyeing by opening up some sections of the rolled fabric, leaving other sections still bound, and tying up fresh sections, then dyeing the whole or part of the fabric in a different colour, this gives multicolor Leheriya Saree a different grace and style

multicolor Leheriya Saree a different grace and style

Leheriya is available in different types of cloths like, chiffon, georgette, cotton, kota doria, zari and silk, etc.

In India Lehariya Saree shopping has its own importance for everyone. Purchasing

Rajasthani Leheriya is more like a festivity in India; the whole family gets Together to buy a saree. One purchases Lehariya for oneself, at Times as blessings for one’s daughter, daughter in law, loved ones.

Often it is difficult to find the right kind of saree for the right occasion. Rajasthani Leheriya are usually expensive due to its kind of work which forces people to change their mind of purchasing the beautiful and elegant Leheriya Saree but at some online stores which particularly deals in Leheriya Saree like is one such portal which solves all your problems. You can now easily find the Lehariya saree for your choice at you can’t believe. It is an online portal dealing specifically with Lehariya

Hence all the products found are handpicked and 100%. Besides, the price range is very wide in short suitable for everyone’s pocket. It provides easy options of payment with both prepaid and Cash-on-Delivery options available. Once you finalise your Lehariya saree it will be delivered to your doorsteps in no time that to FREE OF COST.

Now it’s time to GET SET GO for this monsoon season

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